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The Dancers

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The Dancers

The Perfect Answer To Corporate Entertainment



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As you would expect if you have top class professional singers the very best in musicians you obviously would need the most outstanding dancers


so of course we do!


Our girls for us are the best! The very best!


Professional and experienced female dancers comprising highly trained, talented, glamorous young ladies with stunning costumes and beautiful physiques.


Their vibrant costumes go with their larger than life personalities, coupled with slick costume changes throughout the show and last but not least top choreography by none other Yvonne Dearman,


Ex-professional dancer Yvonne Dearman a teacher at the famous Italia Conti Academy in London where many of her dancers were also trained. Yvonne is highly experienced in Cabaret / Theatre / Films and TV.

Her slick, innovative routines help put our act above the rest.


Yvonne ensures we get the Las Vegas, razzamatazz glitz and glamour and much more to our show


And What A Show !